cryptolyth is dedicated to providing the highest level of confidentiality, transparency and control over the collection and use of your data. In order for us to provide you (the User) with our services in the best possible way we are required to collect and process certain personal information about you and your activities. We are committed to keeping private the personal information you entrust us with. We take measurable steps to ensure the protection of the confidentiality, security and integrity of this information. The purpose of this policy (“Privacy Policy”) is to provide information with the aim to enable you to understand how your personal data is collected, stored, processed, used and protected and what are your rights in relation to it. We strongly encourage you to review carefully the information that follows. By using the services (also referred to as “Web Services) provided by us you agree to be legally bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy. Wherever used in this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise defined herein, capitalised terms used herein shall have the same meanings ascribed thereto in the Terms of Service.


The information you provide

During the account registration process to our Web Services we will ask you to provide your email address and to create a password in order to secure your account. To use our feature “SMS Alerts”, you have to provide your phone number. cryptolyth will use your phone number only with regard for this service. We will collect and store any manually entered balance information and manually imported trading history via CSV. We provide you the option to enter additional personal information such as: first and last name, company name, mobile phone, street/zip, city, state and country only by your will. This information can help us identifying you in case of breach of security or if you lose access to your account.


The information we automatically collect

With the purpose of delivering the best possible service to you, we may automatically collect information related to your device’s operating system, screen resolution, time zone, regional and language settings, browser type and version, cookies, IP address, city and country.To be able to provide up-to-date data about your trading, trading history and balance information, we may collect information on your behalf via the API keys established by you. We also monitor information about how you use the Platform.For the purpose of constantly enhancing and improving our Web Services and with the help of web analytics tools, we also gather data about the activities of the users using our services. For more information please read our Cookies Policy.


How we use the information

We will use your personal information only for the purposes of providing the Web Services to you. Specifically, this includes the following purposes:

provision of the Web Services to you;
compliance with licensing and regulatory requirements;
combat against security risks and fraudulent activity;
statistical analysis and research;
research and development;
data analysis;
Improvements/Enhancements of UX
Your personal information will never be sold or shared by us to any third party, unless required by law.


How to access, change and delete your information

You may, at any time, access and verify, correct, update or remove your personal information online at www.cryptolyth.com There are 4 methods for personal information management. Please refer to our Knowledge base for detailed instructions.

Reset specific portfolio data – use our “Reset data” feature to specify which of the following personal information you would like to permanently delete from a specific portfolio:

Exchanges (API keys);
Wallets (Public keys);
Manual balance entries;
Trading history;
Portfolio statistics.

Delete entire portfolio – use our “Delete portfolio” feature to remove all personal information associated with a specific portfolio by deleting it from the system. By deleting a portfolio, you will permanently delete the following information:

Exchanges (API keys);
Wallets (Public keys);
Manual balance entries;
Trading history;
Portfolio statistics.

Delete account – you can delete your account at any time. The following information will be deleted permanently:

Account information;
User settings and preferences;
Exchanges API keys and Wallets;
Manual balance entries;
Statistical data;
Trading history;
Prepaid subscription;
Billing history;
Affiliate history;
Referral history.

After account deletion, cryptolyth will preserve your email address up to 5 (five) years in order to guarantee that Free trial will not be abused with multiple subscriptions.
Contact support – you can contact us at any time by email at support@cryptolyth.com


Application Programming Interface

API is short for Application Programming Interface, and is a set of rules describing how one application can interact with another. With regards to trading and portfolio management cryptolyth uses APIs to synchronize data between User’s exchange accounts and User’s cryptolyth account. We synchronize data such as:

Available balances
Trading history
Current opened orders


Security of your Personal Information

cryptolyth takes the security of your private information very seriously. Your account information is password-protected for your privacy and security. We will never ask you for your password in an unsolicited phone call or email. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your password and account information. If at any time you believe the security of your password or account information has been compromised, please notify us immediately by email or change your account information online. To protect the information that we submit, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. With this type of technology, you are protected from having your information intercepted by anyone while it is being transmitted to us. Other safeguards, such as firewalls, authentication systems (e.g., passwords and personal identification numbers), and access control mechanisms to control unauthorized access to systems and data are also used by us with the aim to meet all privacy standards in the most optimal way. Your sensitive information (passwords and API keys) is always stored in an encrypted form and is never sent back to you, nor is visible anywhere on our Platform. We implement a procedure that is applied in the event of a personal data breach. We strongly advise you to read our Security Policy and our Security section


Third-Party Links

Our Platform includes external links to third-party applications and websites. Clicking on those external links or enabling those connections may allow third parties to collect data about you. We do not control these third-party services and we are not responsible for their privacy terms, procedures or policies. We strongly encourage you to read the privacy policy of every website you visit.



The cookies are small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the User’s computer by the User’s web browser while the User is browsing. We use “cookies” to collect your login sessions, referral and affiliate information when applicable. We never save sensitive information in cookies, nor we perform any behavioural analysis. For more information please read our Cookies Policy.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. Changes will come into effect upon such modification being updated on our website. We encourage you to visit this page occasionally to make sure that you are aware with any changes we may make.


Contact Information

cryptolyth Platform is 100% owned by ME Labs , a limited liability company incorporated under the European law, registered in the netherlands , having its seat and registered address at Amsterdam. Support: support@cryptolyth.com