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Your Ultimate Crypto Portfolio Tracker!

Are you ready to conquer the world of crypto investments? With cryptolyth, you have control over all your crypto assets at your fingertips. Our powerful and intuitive platform allows you to effortlessly keep track of your portfolio, no matter which market you're investing in.


Discover the power of cross marketing strategies and how they can enhance your crypto trading experience. Learn how to leverage multiple platforms and reach new audiences effectively.

Access a wide range of supported exchanges on our platform. Enjoy the convenience of trading across various markets , all from a single unified interface.

Seamlessly integrate your API key for crypto markets into our highly secure platform. Experience streamlined trading, real-time data updates, and enhanced functionality with our robust API integration.

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Cryptolyth has done all necessary steps to secure users API keys and data by applying enterprise-grade security standards.


Cryptolyth Does not share personal user’s data with third parties or data associated with user’s trading activity or funds.


Compare various assets markets across all supported exchanges and quickly find trading opportunities.

No storage

Our platform does not store customers assets and does not provide wallet services. Your funds will always remain secure in your exchange’s wallets.


Fully customizable multi-charting interface with real-time market data from all major crypto exchanges.


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